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Starting from 1978 predominantly raku objects (ceramics)

This technique is significantly influenced by “coincidence”

Since 1994 other materials are also used including

metals, glass, photos and others

In addition I am captivated by applying waste materials

Objects found on dismantling sites often form the beginning

of a visual journey of discovery

In all my visual objects “coincidence” remains an

important part of the working process



Raku is an alternative process of glazing ceramic objects. The glazed object is removed from the oven at 1000 ℃ and placed in an enclosed case filled with flammable materials, for example sawdust. The ensuing smoke results in materially different effects in the colours of the glaze.


Stacking: to me often a working method in which an object materializes


Compiled from my collection of objects that I received or found. Or they were part of my work from earlier times.


This object consists of a metal plate in which the copper-coloured drawings are slightly more accentuated here and there. The plate hangs in an open frame, in shades of green/blue, like the color of copper sometimes is.

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